"The unexamined life is not worth living".

I have been fascinated with this quote ever since I heard it, many years ago. OK. So what exactly is an unexamined life? I have always been a very analytical person. Probably too much so. Being too analytical can make one way too critical. However, taking the time to examine the things we do and have done is the only way we can learn and improve ourselves. Admitting our mistakes and trying to rectify them is essential to growth. Personally, I feel that no one should be held absolutely accountable for most of the dumb things we do before we are thirty (as long as they aren't felonies). I have also seen an awful lot of elderly people who seem to have lived their entire lives in some kind of fantasy land bubble. People who go through life without a thought. People who never take any responsibility for any thing. We all know them. Everything is someone else's fault. All my (fill in number) wives cheated on me. All my kids are ungrateful brats. All my business  associates were out to get me, steal from me, cheat me. It wasn't my fault and on and on and on. These people have never experienced a single dark night of the soul. A true examination of themselves. They have not grown through life. They have learned nothing. It is as though their time here was wasted. They leave this life with little more than they came into it with. If our purpose here is to learn and better ourselves, they have done nothing to that end. So how, exactly, do we examine our own lives? It is almost impossible to be truly objective about ourselves. We can, at least, try. Through quiet moments alone with our selves. Meditation. Examining the feedback we get from the people around us. Do you know someone who can not be alone? Cannot sit quietly and do nothing? If you are one of these people you need to ask yourself, why you don't want to be alone with your self. Are your thoughts too disturbing, dark, painful? In this age of therapy and self help gurus at every turn there is no shame in seeking help outside of yourself. The search for ourselves is a lifelong quest. It is never finished. It is always changing, just as we should always be changing and growing, We are like small children who outgrow their clothes. We outgrow our selves. That is the way it should be. Constantly growing, changing, evolving into better people. We can not do this in an unexamined life. 


Cece McKenzie  

What are your thoughts?

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