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Advantages Of Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud-based web hosting is a service whereby data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely. This service enables the user to store his/her files online so that he/she can access them from anywhere through the internet. From the recent survey conducted it was found that more than 800 business decision makers and users around the globe have gained a competitive advantage with the adoption of this service. That said below are four advantages of cloud-based web hosting.

Grounds of cloud-based web hosting

Cost saving

The most significant benefit of cloudlsmdvlmsdvmlsdmvlsmdvlmsdvsdvsdvsdv base web hosting is in relation with IT cost saving. No matter what type or size a business is it will exist to earn money while it keeps its capital and its operation expenditure on a minimum. With cloud-based web hosting an individual can have considerable capital costs with a
zero server storage and application requirements. The lack of infrastructure for on-premises will also remove the business operational expenses in the form of power and air conditioning. Thus an individual will pay what he has used and be able to disengage whenever he feels. Additionally, there is no capital outlay for IT investment he should worry.


The cloud-based web hosting being a managed platform service is more reliable and consistent than in-house information technology infrastructure. Most providers will offer a service agreement that will guarantee 99.99% availability. Thus an individual’s organization will benefit from the massive pool of IT resources as well as a quick failover mechanism whereby if a server fails the hosted application and services will be transferred to any available servers. Manageability

Easy management

Cloud based web hosting also provides an enhanced and simplified IT management and maintenance capability via resources of central administration. The information technology infrastructure updates and support will be eliminated, and the service provider will maintain all the resources. Thus an individual will be able to enjoy the usage of the web-based user interface in accessing software apps and services without the need of installation.

Strategic Edge

The ever increasing computsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdving resources will give the individual’s company competitive advantage over its competitors. This is because his company will now be able to deploy critical apps that would deliver significant benefits for businesses without the upfront costs and minimum provision time. Thus cloud hosting will enable him forget about technology and focus on his business the main activities.

From the above four advantages of cloud-based web hosting, there is no doubt that businesses can get huge benefits from this service.

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