best studio monitor

16, July 2017

Factors to consider when buying studio monitors

Would you wish to equip your home studio with a studio monitor? If yes, it is key to ensure that you shop wisely. You can start by looking at 10 best studio monitors. That way, you will enjoy and produce quality music compared to when you just settle for anything you come across. However, the selection process may not be easy as you think. But with this guide, you are ready to go.

Things to look for when shopping for a studio monitor


This is an important factor to consider when studio monitorshopping for a studio monitor. Usually, a speaker with a big driver will give low frequencies. This is opposite to monitors with low drivers. As such, if you wish to produce bass, dub set, and drum this is the best option for you. The dimensions of your room will also influence the size of the monitor to buy. A small studio monitor is enough for a small room while a bigger room might require larger unit as well

Infinitely baffling

This is another important aspect to consider. Currently, the market offers either bass reflex or infinite baffle design. The infinite baffle type has a sealed cabinet. This prevents the sound from the rear part from getting into the front. On the other hand, the bass reflex types are not sealed. That is why these designs possess a port. The port is used for tuning the frequency. This makes them have many drawbacks such as not being able to produce a flat frequency. As such, the infinitely baffle design becomes the best option.


Auditions are one of the best ways of getting the best studio monitor. A few rules will apply while auditing speakers. To start with, it speakershould be easy to switch the two speakers. It is also key to check on the sound of the two speakers to ensure they have the same volume. Additionally, never compare more than two speakers at a go in your selection process. You also have to carry appropriate audition materials such as tracks in your selection process. Lastly, take your time as you select this device.


Today, it is possible to find a studio monitor that suits the budget. As such, you should not struggle to buy a studio monitor that is too expensive for you. Decide on your budget and shop for the device that best suits you. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that quality comes before price.…