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4, September 2018

Common Use Cases of Online Booking API

API is short for application programming interface. It is widely used in computer programming. It consists of a set of communication protocols, tools for building software, and subroutine definitions. When it comes to APIs, you can find that there is a wide array of selection that you can choose from.

In this article, we will discuss the online booking API. White label scheduling software integrates an online booking API. Here are some of the most common use cases when we talk about online booking API:

Digital Publishers


Digital publishers can benefit from a pay per appointment point of view when it comes to using an API for online bookings. Your vendors will benefit in a lot of things if you integrate this system. They can enjoy the generation of higher value leads. Later in the buying cycle, you can also increase revenue on a segment of buyers.

You can get all the tools you need to wow your vendors and clients. You can also get dedicated support to make sure you launch booking successfully. Other than that, you can also leverage the API as well as create brand consistent booking when you are prepared to launch.


If you have a marketplace, it can be enhanced by integrating an online booking API. By doing that, you can expand the categories of what you sell. And by doing that, you can expand your market. Integrating this API will open a lot of doors for opportunities to come. It can invite new clients and customers as well as provide an appeal for other companies to create collaborations.

A lot of benefits will come if it is integrated. It creates an added value that you can take advantage of. You can also get a lot of great features that go with it.


laptopWhen it comes to enterprises, you can use this for a wide array of many different things. Mostly, you can use it to simplify the development and create brand experiences that are consistent. Integrating this API will take some burden off running an enterprise since you can leave the heavy lifting to them. You can also hire services to take care of the setup and installation process. Therefore, you can spend more time doing what’s best for your company.

They provide solutions that are easy to use that require no additional hardware or changes to systems. They can also be integrated easily with other marketing technologies to make agency partners shine.…